“Vanished Years” by Rupert Everett— One of a Kind


Everett, Rupert. “Vanished Years”, Little Brown Book Group, 2012.

One of a Kind

Amos Lassen

Vanished Years” is the second volume of Rupert Everett’s autobiography which began with “Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins” and it proves that he is one of a kind. Here are brand new stories about amazing meetings, portraits of friends and enemies and rivals and a look at how it is to be part of the circus that comes with being a celebrity. I suppose we can say that Everett is a gossip and he says what he wants because he can and he writes with style.

In his first book, Everett wrote about finding fame at the age of 25 when he first appeared in “Another Country” and how he was able to manage the stardom he found. That is the focus of this book but more specifically on the last ten years when he became a “mature superstar” who is known for his charity work, his excellent journalistic endeavors and his appearances on American television. Written in an interesting chronological manner but digression is key here as often happens when remembering. He does not only tell stories but he adds humanity to every word he writes; as much at home with telling about failure as about success. He seems to know everyone and indeed has something to say. Reading this put a smile on my page and showed me that Rupert Everett is much more than just another handsome man.


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