“INSATIABILITY”– An 18 Year Old Watches the Collapse of Civilization


An 18 Year Old Watches the Collapse of  Civilization

Amos Lassen

I have only seen two Polish films in my life and they were both difficult to follow but rewarding. “Insatiability” is a strange movie—the story of a very handsome young man who lives in a world at the brink of war. It seems that everyone in the movie is a bit crazy and the lines between dreams and reality are blurred. The movie is based on one of the great books of the twentieth century, Stanislaw Igncay Witkiewicz’s sweeping novel “Insatiability” and the attempt to film it was no small feat. It tells of a terrifying vision of the future which seems to be very close to the reality of today. The book is somewhat long, insane, hallucinogenic and complicated.

The cast is great, the direction is wonderful, and the sets are magnificent. There is a great deal of homosexual sex although this is not a gay movie per se. There are naked men everywhere but only one bare breast shot. The decline of the world is depicted as an end all to the way we know things and it is frightening.

Let me say this about the young male lead. He looks like an angel and the quest of others to make him lose his virginity is central to the plot. The plot is a mixture of black comedy, wild sensuality and sexuality and philosophical dogma. The dialogue is so philosophical at times that it detracts from the visionary aspects of the film. But when you watch the film and stop thinking about the ideas presented you are in for a visual feast. It is shocking on one hand and on the other it is a beautiful futuristic vision of what to expect.

Having been a philosophy major, I adored this film as I adore any film that gets my mind going. There were times that my brain felt overloaded but as the film progressed, everything fell into place. For those who care about what to expect in the future this is an important film. For those who like epics, this is also an important film. Although it is not the prefect movie, it has a lot going for it. After the initial shock of watching the world as we know it crumble, there are many positive ideas here and they should be seen. I have read several bad reviews of this film and I cannot agree with them. I agree that at times it is hard to follow but once you settle in, it becomes quite a pleasurable experience.

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  1. Thomas Donnelly

    I just saw Insatiability and realized it was Eastern Europe theater, but could not follow story. I researched it, found book, description, and finally your review. You are spot on.


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