“HOT GUYS WITH GUNS”— Danny and Pip

hot guys with guns

Hot Guys with Guns”

Danny and Pip

Amos Lassen

Danny Lohman (Marc Samuel) and Pip (Brian McArdle) become involved in a crime spree that is after the gay guys that seem to run Hollywood, the Velvet Mafia. Danny simply wants a job on his favorite show, “Crime and Punishment”. The lead, a renegade private investigator is about to be recast and Danny is ready to do whatever it takes to get the part including enrolling is a night class in how to be a private investigator at Santa Monica Junior College.

But Danny is actually very good at it and his teacher who is a private detective and his teacher is upset that his best student is only so he can get a television job. Part of Danny’s studies include spying on his ex-boy friend, Pip, a popular Beverly Hills party boy who is now living in the pool house at his mother’s. That is exactly where his mother wants him—she wants him away from Danny. She has the rights to the family trusts and actually it was she that broke Danny and Pip up.


When Pip is the victim of a robbery, Danny gets a chance to show off his detective skills but this is a crime that cannot be reported to the police because Pip and other members of those who are on the A-list for sex parties and should the names be publicized jobs would be lost, contracts would be declared void, marriages would be over and reputations would be ruined.

When Pip loses his father’s antique watch, he begs Danny to help him get it back and Danny reluctantly teams up with Pip but they find much more than a watch. Anything else I might say would be a spoiler so go and see for yourselves.

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