“Blackout” by Joey Jameson— Dreams and Obsessions


Jameson, Joey. “Blackout”, Chances Press, 2013.

Dreams and Obsessions

Amos Lassen

 I first read Joey Jameson when I read his first book, “Candy from Strangers” and I remarked then that he was someone to watch and Jameson proved me correct with his new erotic thriller “Blackout”. We have several good mystery writers now and I was lucky enough to moderate a panel on “Gay Sleuths and Mystery” at the Rainbow Book Fair in New York City in April. Hopefully next year we can add Jameson to the panel. While this book does not fill all the requirements for the Mystery Writer’s Association’s definition, this book can be in a genre all its own.

Dice Valentine has a body that just won’t quit and he is the personification of sex appeal. He is the object of dreams and obsessions. He was a slave to his own body and really fits the expression of “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”.

At the mention of my name I straightened up again…my music was my only guide…I edged my way to the shiny metal pole…greeting it like a long lost friend…my hips took over and began instantly grinding away at the pole intensely, not missing a beat. I dry-humped it as my hand slid all the way up taking my body with it… (You get the idea). His audience was breathless but Dice realized that he was becoming a hedonist and indulgence was a price he paid.

But then there was that night of wild, wonderful sex when a mysterious lover caused him to react in a way that would cause him to lose all that he had and Dice finds himself in a situation that forces him to clear his name and wonder if the price of beauty is not too expensive.The story makes us consider the meaning of truth and what are the results of betrayal.

Jameson gives us an unforgettable character in Dice and an unforgettable story of what he goes through. More than that I cannot say except that the word “new” comes to mind. Here we have a fairly new writer giving us a new plot with new characters. I can almost guarantee that you will not stop reading until you finish the book. That is the highest compliment that I can give.



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