“2+2”— Swinging

2+2 DVDfrontcover

2 + 2” (“Dos más dos”)


Amos Lassen

Richard and Bettina tell their friends Diego and Emilia that they have been keeping a secret from them—they swing. Their lives have been enhanced by having sex with others and they want to now share this with them. Here is a comedy about two couples exploring sexual boundaries and maintaining domestic lives at the same time.

It seems that so many taboos have been destroyed; Diego Kaplan decided to try knocking down the taboo of swinging by using comedy. It is just too bad that the script is such a mess. I really wish that the laughs had been there because the actors are so good.

Diego (Adrian Suar) and Richard (Juan Minujin) are famed Argentine cardiovascular surgeon and own their own hospital that specializes in the heart. Diego is married to Emilia (Julieta Diaz), a weather forecaster and they have a fourteen year old son, Lucas (Tomas Wicz). Richard has been involved with Bettina (Carla Peterson), a fashion designer and unlike Diego and Emilia, their lives are without structure. One night after a happy occasion when Diego and Richard were recognized for their work, the two couples go out together to celebrate. When the women go to the Ladies’ Room, Bettina tells Emilia that she and Richard “swing” and asks her and Diego to join them at the next party. Diego is not comfortable with the idea but he finally agrees.

The next party is at Pablo’s (Alfredo Cesero)—it is his birthday and as Emilia seems to be enjoying herself, Diego is both shocked by and uneasy with the promiscuity and he and Emilia leave early. But Emilia found everything refreshing and becomes more open about her sexuality and really wants to discuss it with Diego. Diego remains adamant on swapping partners but ultimately gives only to have Emilia say that she thought she did wrong but feel no regret about it.

As time passes Diego and Emilia become part of the swinger scene and seem to be comfortable with it. At Lucas’ birthday party, Bettina tells Emilia that she thinks that Richard is cheating on her and she soon becomes unstable mentally. It turns out that Richard has been meeting Emilia who has fallen in love with her and tells him that there will be no more swinging. Bettina finds out about the affair and everything seems to fall apart. Diego leaves his medical partnership with Richard and also leaves his wife. Richard apologizes to Bettina but she leaves.

Two years pass and we meet them again and as they were at the beginning of the film. Bettina is pregnant and Richard offers his friendship and everything is fine and here is the banality of the film. There are some funny moments but it all seems predictable. The erotic scenes are nicely done and technically it is excellent but a better script would have made it so much better.
















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