“Show-Offs: Gay Erotic Stories” edited by Richard Labonte— Being Watched or Watching

show offs

Labonte, Richard (editor). “Show-Offs: Gay Erotic Stories”, Cleis Press, 2013.

Being Watched or Watching

Amos Lassen

Richard Labonte knows erotica and is new edited anthology, the stories are about men watching other men have sex or men being watched as they get it on. Fifteen stories (with some by some by my favorite writers—Rob Rosen, Jeff Mann, Shaun Levin and Shane Allison and some by writers I read for the first time—Ron Radle, Michael Bracken, Tony Pike, to name a few) that come together to give us a true erotic experience. It seems to be all about peeking or being peeked at or just horny men flaunting their sexual prowess. There is that extra thrill when performing for others or just watching others as they really go at each other. Reading these stories is like actually being there and I cannot think of anything that is sexier. You know when you get a book from Cleis you are really getting some high quality smut—it seems to be one of their trademarks.



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