“Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel” by Molly Weatherfield— Carrie is Back

safe word

Weatherfield, Molly. “Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel”, Cleis Press, 2012.

Carrie is Back

Amos Lassen

Carrie’s Story” introduced us to our main character who is on a journey of sexual adventure. Now after having learned about the world of submission from her master, Jonathan, we find her leaving him to continue on. She is off to Greece with Johan, another demanding man and her education continues. We read of her obsession with passion and sexual pleasure in stories she shares with Jonathan in which she is introspective and quite bold.

Jonathan had introduced her to rewards and punishments and she knew what the phrase “I want” meant when he uttered it. She was his to do with as he pleased. In Carrie, we see a strong and smart woman who, while submissive, is adventurous. Here we meet her after she had been to Greece with her new master and she and Jonathan spend four days in Paris. Jonathan tells her the time has come to return to him as his slave and she re-assumes her place. Carrie finds herself having to make a decision (which I will not divulge for fear of spoiling a read). The same dark world of BDSM is here but this time it is written as a series of stories but in the form of a novel. As a man, I was able to learn about the world of submission from the female perspective. Here we see Carrie able to break away from the restrictions that had placed on her. It is fascinating to learn that there is a culture of masters and submissives who follow each other yet maintain domestic arrangements. We are even allowed to enter Carrie’s mind and to see what she thinks.

Weatherfield incorporates emotions and sensibilities into the text and she tells a good story. Her writing is rich and she has drawn some very real characters. We can only hope for more.


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