“SALTO”— Facing Doom



Facing Doom

Amos Lassen

Marion is a TV journalist that deals with the sensational. When her friend Luca disappears after a quarrel about the idea of doomsday being close at hand and Marion decides to look for her. She soon finds herself taken in by the research that says that there is potential for the world to end. She even has come to believe that Luca has joined a suicidal cult.

Marion sets off for Portugal and there she finds a group at Salto, camping out and becoming read for the end of the world with song, dance and rituals. Director Maximllian Moll shows us some of the visual remnants of culture and unites them with elements that do not belong together or are contradictory. We see a reality that holds the clichés to time. He destroys stereotypes and in this way destroys reality.

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