“Woof!: A Barking Mad Story of Goths, Gays and Students Gallivanting” by Andrew Hinkinson— Wild, Free and Mashed on E


Hinkinson, Andrew S. “Woof!: A Barking Mad Story of Goths, Gays and Students Gallivanting”, CreateSpace, 2013.

Wild, Free and Mashed on E

Amos Lassen

Peter and his friends Derek, Kate, Sophia and Fatima are the center of this comedy set in 1992 in Manchester, England. They are students at the polytechnic institute and are putting on a play and the director thinks it is the worst play ever written. His cast consists of a gothic chain-smoking Diva, a guy who is never not stoned, a nymphomaniac polyamorous self-harmer and he is an Elaine Paige enthusiast. How could anything not be fabulous?

So we have a strange cast but before long, we feel like we know them. Peter is surrounded by some really strange friends and while he is the “straight” men (even though he is actually gay), he soon finds himself in very strange circumstances. It is hard not to love him and all of the characters and the novel is very, very funny yet it is also touching and sensitive. I laughed the entire time I read but I also felt for the characters.