broadway damage

“Broadway Damage”

Finding Love

Amos Lassen

Marc (Michael Shawn Lucas) is a handsome struggling actor who would love to be in love. His best friend, Robert (Aaron Williams) is secretly in love with him but Marc falls in love with David (Hugh Panaro), a studio musician who is not serious and not ready to settle down with anyone. Cynthia (Mara Hobel), Marc’s best girl pal, also loves Marc but knows she will never have him.

Marc has no trouble attracting men but Robert has no such luck. Marc is only attracted to men who are “10’s” and dreams about a break on Broadway; Robert dreams of Marc and Cynthia stalks her boss because she knows she can’t have Marc and thinks that she might stand a chance with someone else (but she really has nothing going for her). Sexy neighbor David enters the picture; the harsh realities of life, love and career test their incorrigible optimism in this gay romantic comedy classic.

There are times when this romantic comedy is quite funny but I am not sure it will please many people unless they are those who loved those old Doris Day and whoever comedies. This is what I call a fluff film but that does not mean it is a bad film or a flop but it does not touch serious issues like AIDS, homophobia and coming-out. It is quite simply a fun movie and never tries to be more than that.

The characters do seem to be too into themselves however. Writer/director Vincent Mignatti wrote them like that and that is too bad. Perhaps the film would have been so much better had they not been so self-absorbed. There is a lot of whining going on and I wonder why such characters deserve a happy ending.