out for the long run

“Out for the Long Run”

Openly  Gay

Amos Lassen

We have heard so much lately about bullying that we seem to have forgotten that there are some young gay and women are doing just fine and are comfortable with their sexuality. They show that there is hope. In this film, we meet some athletes who are openly gay high school and college students. Their world may not be certain but they are willing to enter it with their sense of pride as to who they are. The film is a compilation of film that was shot over a year and the students’ own video diaries.

These young men and women are part of a generation of courage. They do not hide even though high schools and locker rooms can be very homophobic and yet schools are changing and a new safe atmosphere is coming into its own. However this is not true for all schools. They know that a social stigma is possible at any moment. The film also brings us “openly gay professional and collegiate athletes help round out the picture of what these amazing young men and women are up against physically and emotionally as they excel in their chosen sports”.  You cannot help feeling good watching this film.

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