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the chase

Thoma, Jesse J. “ The Chase”, Bold Strokes Books, 2013.

Swimming for Life

Amos Lassen

There is nothing like a good mystery novel when rain is coming down and it is cold outside. It was such a night when I sat down to read Jesse Thoma’s “The Chase”. I did not get out of the chair until I finished the book and I do not remember turning pages that fast in a very long time. Even more interesting is learning that the author is a neighbor of mine and will be on the panel of gay sleuths that I will be moderating at the Rainbow Book Fair in New York on April 13.

I admit that I am not much of a mystery reader and I only read lesbian fiction when asked to review a specific book so this was almost an evening of firsts with my reading and reviewing a lesbian mystery and I can assure you that I will continue reading books of this kind and that is based upon what I read here.

Isabelle Rochat heard something outside of her home and when she went to see what was going on, she realized that shots were aimed at her deck and bounty hunter Holt Lasher was in her pool. Isabelle lived an ordered life and she has always felt safe but now something was challenging her. She thought that the gunshot that she heard was aimed at Holt. Isabelle is just a corporate CPA so there is no doubt that someone might be after all. After all, shooting a bounty hunter is part of the job, but she and Holt soon found themselves involved in an illegal drug operation that began at the Rhode Island House of Representatives and extends to a methadone clinic. Holt feels she must protect Isabelle and neither woman was looking to start a relationship but they found an attraction for each other and Holt feels that she must find who is responsible for what happened. A bounty hunter’s life does not leave much room for a relationship and Holt’s job requires her to keep looking for the person(s) responsible for what happened.

I cannot tell you what happened next because to do so would spoil the mystery. I, however, can tell you that this is quite a story with twists and turn on almost every page. Thoma has also created two characters that are larger than life and I have the feeling that we will be hearing more about them in future books.




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