“DIEUX DU STADE (The Making Of Calendar 2013)”— It’s Gotten Old


Dieux Du Stade (The Making Of Calendar 2013)

It’s Gotten Old

Amos Lassen

It has been several years now since the first Dieux du Stade film of the making of the calendar and for the first few years it was kind of cute and fun. However this has changed and in the last three years it has become just boring. Sure the men are gorgeous and they have gorgeous bodies but so do many other men who are freer to show what they have than these rugby players. The faces may be different but the bodies are the same. This time the concept is really inane—a boat trip. Most of the shots feature several guys and there are few solo shots and there are no full frontal nude photographs. I remember when it was fun to look for them and every once in a while there was one or two or even three.

The men are dark and classical and the composition of the pictures is exceptional. Photographed by Francois Rousseau Galore has taken these princes of the sea and censored their private parts and taken away their individuality. If you like beautiful photography, you will like this but I believe you would like it more if it were more natural. Reviews like this have taken me off of the screener mailing list but I don’t mind—there is plenty of beautiful nude male photography out there.


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