“Catalina: The Vintage Years”— Early Days of Gay Porn


Catalina: The Vintage Years”, Bruno Gmunder, 2013.

Early Days of Gay Porn

Amos Lassen

Catalina: the Vintage Years” reminds us of the Golden Age of Gay Porn and goes back to 1978 when Catalina was the jewel in the crown of XXX gay movies. Now that world is gone and while there are several Catalina films still out there, it will never again be like it was. A little more than a decade before AIDS, Catalina had the men and the directors of some of the most successful porn ever and was an icon in the industry. If for nothing else Jeff Stryker worked with Catalina and watching him perform drove many gay men almost mad. It was a time of sexual abandon and Catalina was there to film it all.




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