“ROLLING”— Breaking In



Breaking In

Amos Lassen

Seven students break into their high school and have total control of the campus and even have the keys to get them into wherever they want to go. But of course…strange things happen. Drake (Matthew Thompson) is a young filmmaker who has gotten his friends together to make a movie and they break into the campus after the school day is over. There is Tim (Maxwell Chase), Drake’s best friend and a filmmaker himself, Ellen (Joy Regullano), a girl whose nose is always in a book, Carly (Debbie Kagy), a cheerleader who lives to gossip, Michaela (Mara Klein), a very smart loner, Sean (Taylor Piedmonte), a basketball star and Sully (Ryder Darcy) a drug dealer with a big mouth. Drake pulls his actors through what he thinks will be his masterpiece. What others will not see is what happens off-camera as the cast explores stereotypes, relationships, drug addictions and sexual identities. Each of them is involved in the film for his own reasons but they soon show a reality that was never intended for the camera.

Damon Jamal, the director, used the film “The Breakfast Club” for inspiration and the film has all the usual high school stereotypes. This is dark and honest look at high school students who are seemingly opposites yet discover that they have more in common than they ever considered. Everything starts slowly and during the beginning, I had the feeling that this was going to be another one of those cliché filled high school films but once it gets going, I changed my mind as this little film charmed me into paying close attention. The story that comes to life is intriguing as it begins to take on a life of its own.

The cast appears to act “improvisationally” (yep, it is a new word and I like it) and the cast does a terrific job with standout performances by Chase as Tim. Klein as Michaela and Darcy as Sully who manages to be repulsive and sympathetic at the same time. The camera work is also excellent in keeping with the darkness of the plot. I do not want to disclose anything that happens so you just have to take my word for it—this is a film that you will want to see more than once.



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