“FACE 2 FACE”— A Documentary Heartfelt Travelogue


Face 2 Face”

A Documentary Heartfelt Travelogue

Amos Lassen

Katherine Brooks gives us an honest exploration of herself in her new documentary, “Face 2 Face”. It is about her, the lives around her, and the relationship between them. She reveals
feelings from hurt, to scared, to loving, to angry, to caring, to flat-out confused and she is self-deprecatingly funny. She battles several wounds but has not yet let them conquer her and this is amazing to see.


The film is raw and very, very real—no script, just a woman and a camera taking a long trip after major surgery and we see things that we usually do not see on film. Brooks was alone except for her virtual Facebook friends and others from the internet. We are reminded that personal relationships play a huge role in our lives but they also work best when we are faced with the others. Brooks travels around this country to spend time with 50 friends who have responded to a Facebook post and as she travels she shares her own personal struggle with addiction and depression.


Brooks felt alone after going through surgery even though she had some 5000 Facebook friends but she also knew that even though she had those friends who were inside of her computer that they did not really know her and she did not really know them. She decided that the time had come to meet some of them and she took this inspirational journey.


The film allows us to see something about the human spirit and how a stranger connects with others. The elements of love, depression, anxiety, work, social media, etc are here in the film and we see that each day can bring new experiences if we just look for them. The world is full of new friends, new connections and new relationships. Brooks’ journey is about living and we see that we are somewhat detached from real people. Brooks looks for some resolution is her life and she learns that talking to real people is so much better than talking to them through a computer screen.

The film really focuses on mental health issues and on reconnecting with a world that had become lost in the advances of social media. During her 11,000 plus mile trip across this country, Brooks came face to face with some of her online friends and she shares their stories with us. We also learn of her own difficult past. We know we are all different and Brooks shows how this is so. We hear of her suicide attempt, something that is very personal but she shares that with us to show that no matter how alone we all feel, there are those friends out there for whom it is necessary for us to continue living.


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