“ANGELS OF SEX”— A Bisexual Love Triangle

angels of sex

Angels of Sex”

A Bisexual Love Triangle

Amos Lassen

Bruno (Llorenc Gonzalez) is a struggling martial artist and a hip-hop dancer. He is violently mugged on a Barcelona street and fellow dancer, Rai (Alvaro Cervantes), came to his rescue. Rai is a very masculine, mysterious and magnetic guy yet he makes a pass at Bruno and that stuns him but in a very short time, something develops between them. Bruno finds himself with a problem—can he remain in love with his girlfriend Carla (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) and still share his feelings with Rai? Rai defies convention and is one of the new generation that is sexually fluid and the three characters soon find themselves in a love triangle but when Carla finds out what went on between Rai and Bruno, she kicks Bruno out even though she still loves him and does not want to lose him. Ultimately she allows Bruno to be with Rai as long as he keeps that apart from their relationship.


Angels of Sex” is an honest look at the changing nature of relationships. Sparks flew between the two men and they secretly began an open relationship. Carla is very upset when she learns of what happens and Bruno seems to really enjoy the freedom he has with Rai as their relationship is not monogamous. Carla, at the same time, decides she really loves Bruno and while she encourages his happiness, she also falls for Rai.

Interestingly enough, bisexuality is seen here only in positive light while there are so many other stereotypes visible. While Bruno and Rai and Carla are seen as characters with free spirits, the film is somewhat shallow and that kind of overshadows any of the good things about the film. Looking at love/romance here, we certainly see love-making going on and there are several explicit sex scenes. When we first see Bruno, we think that he is happily in love with Carla but then Rai manages to steal his heart causing Carla to be jealous but she also falls for Rai. This is quite a portrayal of human reaction and because of that, director Xavier Villaverde, is able to give us his sincere look at bisexuality and he does so with grace and elegance. That is not to say that the film is not sexy because it is. The actors themselves are quite good looking and it is very easy to see why they fall in love with each other even though they have short comings.

I love that the characters are totally believable. He sees how frail human feelings can be and how easily the smallest happening can ruin a person’s illusions about a relationship. Once when the two men kiss and Carla is there but they are oblivious to her, we see just that. Rarely do we see human emotions explored to the degree we see them here. Nothing seems contrived, exploitive or unnecessary. We see the emotional dynamics between the characters as they move from one person with two lovers to three people sharing each other and this is done so naturally and with perfect pacing that we share in the characters’ journey through the difficulties and complexities of the arrangement. In fact, our own notions about such relationships are challenged. There is also an equality among the characters and they never overshadow each other.


The narrative is constant and does not let up at all. As we watch, we consider our own jealousies, reliefs; egos etc and we do so easily. Just as each situation reaches a conclusion, another one is there to take its place and the dynamic of the film shifts. One of the reasons we feel as we do as we watch is that the characters are endearing and human, created beautifully and portrayed with grace. Everything that happens feels real and genuine and this is what raises it above the level of a soap opera which it could have easily become if not handled correctly. The film certainly changed how I look at bisexuality.

One cannot help but become involved in the story that is engaging and presented stunningly. There is something very sublime about the film and it is hard to pinpoint what that is but when you see it, you will understand what I mean or you may totally disagree with everything I have written…and that’s ok. You will not be alone in that.


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