“Hustler Rave” by David Caleb Acevedo and Charlie Vazquez— The Hustler

hustler rave

Acevedo, David Caleb and Charlie Vazquez. “Hustler Rave XXX”, Tincture. 2013.

The Hustler

Amos Lassen

We all know what a hustler is—a person who provides sexual services to customers in exchange for money or its equivalent. We tend to dismiss them quickly as scum but we should also be aware that they are human and that many come from troubled backgrounds. Many grow up amid the ills of contemporary society— poverty, racism/sexism, homophobia/transphobia, sexual/substance/physical abuse, mental illness, HIV/STDs, etc). Young men and women often turn to working the streets, alleys, cheap hotels and the Internet just to survive and they are actually a reflection of what has happened to society. In the pages of “Hustler Rave XXX”, Latino poets David Caleb Acevedo and Charlie Vazquez give us portrait “character studies of very human urban hustlers that seek to answer our strange sense of fascination with these young men”. You want to be on the lookout for this book when it is published next month.

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