“INSTANT DADS”— A Surprise

instant guys

Instant Dads”

A Surprise

Amos Lassen

Steven’s ex-girlfriend from high school, Nancy, has quite a surprise for him—their son, Luke, who is now ten years old. Nancy never told Steve that he got her pregnant on prom night and now they have each gone their separate ways. Steven is gay and living with his boyfriend and Nancy has learned that she is dying of cancer. It is her last wish that Luke’s father adopt him but Steven and his boyfriend have no idea about how to raise a child. Steven agrees, quite reluctantly, but only after he learns about raising a child.

I love this little movie that I discovered quite by accident. It is a sweet little comedy about a situation that could really be and it tugs at the heartstrings. Writer and director Derek Maki gives us some wonderful one-liners and this little gem is a pleasure from start to finish. Love is love no matter what and we certainly see that here.

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