“Nude Men: From 1800 to the Present Day” by Tobias G. Natter and Elisabeth Leopold— The Nude Male in Art

nude men

Natter, Tobias G. and Elisabeth Leopold. “Nude Men: From 1800 to the Present Day”, Hirmer Publishers, 2013.

 The Nude Male in Art

 Amos Lassen

 In the earliest history of the world, we find representations of nude men in art—Rodin’s “The Thinker”, Davinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, Pigalles’s portrait of Voltaire and so on. However, the male nude has been neglected and the authors—Tobias Natter and Elisabeth Leopold want to change that by fxing the imbalance between male and female nudes. This is a book that is a collection of art— “paintings, sculptures, and photographs that challenge conceptions of the body and masculinity, many of which continue to have considerable cultural resonance today”.

 The book is a history of the male nude from the Enlightenment until the present that begins “with a look at art completed in life-drawing classes popular across European academies, the book moves on to representations of masculinity throughout the French Revolution, including works by Johann Heinrich Füssli and Antonio Canova; provocative Sturm und Drang paintings by Edvard Munch and contemporaries; and late impressionist works. The unsettling self-portraits of Austrian artists Egon Schiele and Richard Gerstl exemplify an extreme candor that characterized the early twentieth century. Other twentieth-century artists whose work is included in this book are Jean Cocteau, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Nan Goldin, and Louise Bourgeois.With nearly four hundred full-color illustrations, the book also includes insightful essays examining topics like male identity, depictions of desire in modern art, and the use of nude men in advertising”.








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