“The Albino Album” by Chavisa Woods— A Queer Epic


Woods, Chavisa. “The Albino Album”, Seven Stories Press, 2012.

A Queer Epic

Amos Lassen

I just want to give a heads up to “The Albino Album” coming to us this year from Seven Stories Press. It is a queer epic about a little girl who accidentally feeds her mother to an albino tiger and then grows up to become a domestic terrorist. This is quite a look at domestic life in rural America. Woods gives us a big color picture of what adolescence is the sticks, the story of a girl with an unpronounceable name who wears a dirty black tutu and combat boots as she travels on her journey of human desire and faces strange and bizarre experiences. Whether she is at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, an Illinois cornfield or the Empire State Building, she is who she is, a member of a group of “contemporary misfits of fire-dancers, gutter punks, pseudo Nazis who breed albino animals, horse thieves, and the archangel Gabrielle”. 

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