“OUT THE GATE”— Leaving Home

out the gate

Out the Gate”

Leaving Home

Amos Lassen

After several events in Jamaica, Everton (E-Dee) decides that the time has come to leave the island and go to America to try his luck at making it big in the music industry. He soon learns that he Hollywood that he sees in not the Hollywood of his dreams. He does, however, manage to find some success but it is threatened by Don (Paul Campbell) who wants him to pay is dues. To get to Hollywood was a job in itself. He has led a rough life growing up in rural Jamaica where violence seems to be everywhere and he has seen too much tragedy. His Uncle Willy (Oliver Samuels) offers him a one-way ticket to the United States so that he can get his career in music started and off the goes. When he arrives in Los Angeles, he becomes friends with Father Times (Dwight Benjamin) who is a dancehall artist; exactly the profession that Everton is looking to have.

Things did not work out as planned and Everton becomes homeless. He supports himself by selling CDs and DVDs from Jamaica and then he finally gets the break, as does Father Times that he has been waiting for. He finds a producer that wants to work with him and Father Times finds a sponsor named Badz (Paul Campbell) who invests in him. Everton’s career is soon doing very well and he even falls in love. Little does he know that Badz has threatened to destroy him, his relationship with his girlfriend and Father Times just because things have not worked out.


The film is based upon the life of Jamaican singer E-Dee and includes some wonderful photography of the Caribbean community in Los Angeles and of Jamaica. While this is not really my kind of movie, I must say that the acting is quite good. The script, however, is weak. It does not concentrate as much on the lead character and seems to want to boost the supporting players. What goes on in E-Dee’s life falls to the sidelines or is simply glossed over. I was not familiar with the term “dancehall music” before watching this and did find that aspect interesting. I suppose that aficionados of it will totally enjoy what they see here but I think I missed the point.