Two Novellas from Mykola Dementiuk— “Times Square…In Brooklyn?” and “A Sucker for the Circus”


Two Novellas from Mykola Dementiuk

I have reviewed almost everything that Dementiuk has written with the exception of these two which because of the nature of the plots to say anything would give everything away so I will just mention them.

times square

Dementiuk, Mykola. “Times Square…In Brooklyn?”, eXtasy Books, 2011.

A Change of Life

Our hero left the Times Square area to live in Brooklyn where he thinks that it will be better for hm. Dementiuk takes the seediness of Times Square and transposes it to Brooklyn where the boys landlord makes him into a French and he becomes subservient totally.


Dementiuk, Mykola. “A Sucker for the Circus”, Amazon Digital, 2011.

Threatening Curses

Once again a change of location for Dementiuk and this story is so strange that all I can say is that it deals with a big breasted woman who feels she is threatened by a curse.

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