“Times Square Cutie” by Mykola Dementiuk— Bad Boy Billy

times square cutie

Dementiuk, Mykola. “Times Square Cutie”, Sizzler Editions, 2010.

Bad Boy Billy

Amos Lassen

Bad Boy Billy knows he is cute and he loves the attention he gets because of it. Both men and women desire him and he wants them as well. He can be categorized as being gender fluid—when he is with his girlfriend, Rebecca, he is all man and when he is with a man, he dresses like a woman.

Several men and women just think that Billy is the hottest they have ever seen and it cost some people their lives. When he first met Rebecca, she talked him into abetting her to steal money from her older lover and when they found him dead, they got away with the cash. The money seems to make Billy randy and he has sex with Rebecca but before they have finished, two of Billy’s friends make an appearance and partners are switched and each leaves with someone else. Billy’s friends, of course, discover that he has money now and violence ensues.

This is the story of three “friends” (or should I say acquaintances?) who come together by accident and who should never have met each other. Billy is the confused one—a boy who likes dressing as a woman but does not consider himself to be a transvestite. He doesn’t think of himself as gay even though he loves servicing men orally.

Rebecca, on the other hand, is definitely disturbed. She enjoys having public sex with people watching but she can be a prude when she speaks. She has a vivid imagination and imaginary friends and an imaginary job. Her older love died while they were having sex but she thinks he is only sleeping.

Hector follows opportunities and uses both Billy and Rebecca for his own pleasure. He is quite violent yet he is also tender and when he learns that Rebecca’s lover is dead and there is money everywhere, he enlists his gang to come and get what is there. Things do not go as planned and the only one left alive is Billy. But there is something else—the money turns out to be counterfeit.

Dementiuk once again takes us to that place in New York City where seediness reigned and that always looks dirty regardless of the time of day. He gives us the story of desperation and of lost people during a lost time and there is no hope on the horizon for them. Here is the story of a lost boy who will probably die young if he does not change the way he lives and Dementiuk gives it to us in all of its gritty detail.


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