“The Broken Flower”, Poems by Jeffery Beam— Overtly Hidden

Beam, Jeffery. “The Broken Flower”, Skysill Press, 2012.

Overtly Hidden

Amos Lassen

In this new collection of poetry, Jeffery Beam looks at the world from the inside out. He takes us into nature—to the place between earth and sky and writes of the birds, the fruit, the trees, the snakes, the weather, etc. as we look for infinity with him. He emerges from the shadows and comes into the light, holding out hands as he takes us with him. In seventy poems and sequences he is ours and we are his. Beam has the ability to choose the correct word and then putting words together. He is a true poet in every sense of the word. This is something of an identity search and as Beam finds his, we also find ours:

“The sack she prepared

Burst under a great weight of bone

I began to sift through the pebbles

For my name”.

As he looks at the world, he sees it as it is and accepts it with all of its foibles. He writes of beauty and does so with beauty and reading his poetry is like a give and take—Beam gives and the reader takes and I absolutely love that idea. I found it extremely interesting to see how older themes blend into modern language.

“The tree

whose fruit

opens a window

into the earth’s old voice”.

And as that tree opens that window so Beam opens our hearts… “a tree bends. The wind through our branches. Then. That’s the special time”. There is a sense of communion and coming together to be one with nature and throughout the collection are references to flowers. Using his own senses of grace and style, Beam welcomes us into him and takes us to the world where he resides. As I move into that world, I am jealous because I do not have the ability to always choose just the right word or phrase and here is a man who does with seemingly little effort. Beam is also the master of the beauty of subtlety.

“Nearly astonished;

I have been ready

to renounce

all its blessings”.

He is both the doer and the observer and of the things that I love about reviewing is having the ability to meet people who are at home with their craft and are eager to share. Come into Beam’s world and share it. I guarantee you will yourself becoming a better person.




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