“EUROFALSH”— Loving Eurovision


Loving Eurovision

Amos Lassen

First, yes the name is spelled correction but I too thought it should say “Euroflash” (Even the trailer at UTube has it spelled as “Euroflash” but as you can see the poster above, it is spelled wrong here. Go figure. For those of you who do not know, Eurovision is one of the campiest events ever and the European/Middle Eastern world comes to a halt that night in the spring when the Eurovision song contest takes place. More than 100 million viewers watch the Eurovision Song Contest. As many as 43 countries, including Israel which has won the contest three times, take part in this glamorous event.

Eurofalsh is a take off the contest and takes place at one of the clubs in Tel Aviv and it is a magical happening. Eurofalsh is a group “consisting of 10 young gays and 2 straight women who passionately perform Eurovision songs by lip-synching the words and mimicking the choreography and costumes. One song follows another but as the evening ends the stage is cleared, the audience departs and the magic disappears… to reveal reality”.

“Miki, a married teacher, wants to have a baby but fears growing up and having to give up the stage.  Eran, the group’s founder, struggles with bankruptcy, with living with his mom and with repeated rejection from Tel Aviv’s gay bubble. His main comfort is the stage. Irit, an attractive 20-something, is Eran’s best friend who soothes his loneliness.  She is always there although she knows she will never find herself a straight guy so long as she ‘plays house’ with a gay one. Ben, while focused on finding a decent job, can’t help but be distracted by his lifelong dream: seeing a Eurovision contest … live”!

The singers are flashy and their story is one of love, friendship, loneliness and their obsession with that kitschy night that comes once a year.

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  1. Dominic Ambrose

    Falsh is Falsche is False. Falsh is a Yiddish spelling of the word. I presume that this is what is meant.


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