Let’s Keep Good LGBT Films on our Radar: A Call for Help–if you can,please do so.

I do not usually do this but this is such an exceptional film that I thought perhaps some of you may want to help. I just recieved this:

Dear friends, beloved bloggereenos,
our film, A Second Chance, has received rave reviews in Germany, France and the
United States, and the screenings in Spain and France have been quite successful.
We’re still dizzy from the success our little baby has achieved.
Ladies Room from Paris called us “particulièrement brillant”, and Amos Lassen from
the US described A Second Chance as “powerful” and “effective”. Of course, we have
submitted A Second Chance to several other festivals, hoping that a lot of people will
watch it.
Unfortunately, its length of 51 minutes makes a wider distribution (cinematic and
DVD) difficult. After its projection at the Chéries-Chéris film festival in Paris, we’ve
met a distributor who’s interested in supporting A Second Chance – if we manage to
lengthen it.
So we came up with the idea of shooting an epilogue, or rather a short sequel about
Laurent and André living in Paris, one year after their reconciliation. We’re planning to
film this new facet of their story early in 2013 with the same cast and crew – plus rather
surprising guest appearances by two very interesting personalities of the film world.
To manage our filming and post-production, we need your support!
We’re looking for co-producers, financiers and sponsors, who would like to invest in
our project. To make it happen, we would need at least 3.500 Euros (5.000 would be
better). Remember, we’re all working for free, we don’t earn anything (financially)
from it; we just want to make a beautiful film that is very near and dear to our hearts.
If you are a business company / a firm, we will gladly publish your logo on our web
site and in the film’s credits to acknowledge you for your help. Every donor will receive
a signed DVD plus some little extras from us.
If you’d like to support us, this is our bank account:
Vivasvan Filmproduktion GmbH
Deutsche Bank
Kto.-Nr. 36 94 197
BLZ 100 700 24
IBAN DE26 100 700 240 3694197 00
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to write us.
Thank you ever so much in advance, we are truly grateful!
Our sincere regards,
André Schneider & Team

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