“Combustion” by Daniel W.Kelly— Burning Desire

Kelly, Daniel W. “Combustion”, Bold Strokes Books, 2012.

Burning Desire

Amos Lassen

Deck Waxer is a private detective and he really takes to cases involving the supernatural. He has just come to Weeping Manor in Kremfort Cove to visit his friends, Hayes Lamond and Ben DuPont that he met last summer while on vacation. The cove was in the process of gentrification and becoming a gay hot spot and quite naturally there were power struggles between groups in the community. As can be expected, there is violence of which the most horrible is that gay men suddenly burst into flames. This was not exactly the kind of relaxation Deck had wanted and he suspects that spontaneous combustion is taking place. He also realizes that in order to understand what is going on that he must become physically involved with the locals and their scene. But Deck is the kind of man who is willing to take the risks to save the day. He has one fear a bit bigger than burning up and that is being burned by a go-go boy with issues. However lust gets the best of him and the flames begin to rise.

Sure, the idea of man bursting into flame sounds ridiculous so it takes a really good story teller to make us believe something like this (and on the plus side, if you do not believe it, you still get a good story). I suppose you can classify this as a gay gothic horror novel that is totally fantastic but wildly readable. In fact, I do not remember ever reading anything quite like it before. I am sure that this is not an easy novel to write and Kelly gives us a larger than life character in Deck and some really raw erotica:

“Zims didn’t argue. He dropped to his knees on the mat, facing away from Deck. His tight butt muscles tensed, then relaxed and swelled as he dropped forward unto his elbows, arching his back. His foreskin once again draped over his swollen erection”…

“’Yes! I am your whore!’ Zims’s voice rose…..”


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