“The Jesus Injection” by Eric Andrews-Katz— A Mystery Thriller

Andrews-Katz, Eric. “The Jesus Injection”, Bold Strokes Books, 2012.

A Mystery Thriller

Amos Lassen

Agent Buck 98 survived an assassination attempt while on vacation and just as he realizes that something strange is going on, he receives a note from a dying drag queen. It simply says “3-1-4” which are the dates of the death of a Dr. Timothy Shoulwater, the man who is believed to have found a cure for AIDS. However his notes have disappeared mysteriously. Buck’s former best friend. Agent 49, Noxia von Tussell who is now his rival is teamed up with him and together they are to investigate the dead doctor’s ex-wife, Dr. Raven Evangelista, a religious fanatic and political advocate. Evangelista now has some very personal and devious ambitions that make this case that much more difficult.

Buck is also lusting after Richard, a good looking man he has just met and this adds a little more to stir in this cauldron of intrigue. It might seem difficult to keep all of this balanced yet Andrews-Katz does so with style. I am usually not a reader of thrillers and/or mysteries because I need to usually think too much as I read, but in this case everything falls into place. That does not mean that this is an easy case to figure out—it rather means that the prose is clear and easy to read even with the twists and turns that the plot takes. It is always difficult to review this kind of book because it is so easy to spoil the read of others by giving away too much so I am not going to say any more about the plot. I am, however, going to tell you that this is a fun reading experience with characters that are well drawn. I met the author a couple of years ago at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival and we even had a couple of meals together. I never would have thought that this would b the genre in which he would write but he does so and very well at that. Perhaps if I had reviewed more mysteries in the past, I would have more to say about the way the book is constructed but unfortunately, as I said, this genre is not one that I read a great deal of. That, of course, does not mean that you should not. By all means read this and enjoy.


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  1. Rebecca Quandt Potthast

    Fantastic! I have odd feelling I’ve read this before- (LOL). Can’t wait to get my hands on the entire book!

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