“One in Every Crowd” by Ivan E. Coyote— On the Outside

Coyote, Ivan E. “One in Every Crowd”, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2012.

On the Outside

Amos Lassen

In the new novel, Ivan E. Coyote writes about an outsider== a young boy who steals his mother’s lipstick, a girl who is unsure of hers/his gender identification and to others who just do not fit in the way society sees fit.

The book is divided into six parts and it is up to the reader to piece it all together as the stories overlap and fade into each other and in actuality this is the author’s own story from growing up in the Yukon to the present and it is intermingled with the stories of some of the youngsters met along the way. There is a lot to think about here especially when most of us realize that we too categorize others.

The themes here are family, love and acceptance something that all of us go through. What is so amazing about these stories is that they are sensitive and filled with heart. While the stories are quite strong they appeal to our emotions and to show us more than two sides to many issues. It is easy to surmise that this collection is written for young adults but it really has something for everyone and it is really meant to help those outsiders. I would love to see this book in the hands of the bullies and those that cause trouble for our youth. We see what it is to be different and it is a wonderful support for those who need it.




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