“POX”— The Anti-Christ (And He’s Gay)


The Anti-Christ (And He’s Gay)

Amos Lassen

Pox is the Anti-Christ and he has his own television show. During a broadcast one evening as he interviewed a celebrity guest, he is accosted by a superhuman fag hag, Borbola. His reaction was so strong that he lost his TV show and along with it his fame. Now he has nothing to do but roam the earth and try to find some comfort. He ends up at a spa where a satanic cult kidnaps him and forces him to sire a child, the new anti-Christ and he is forced to have sex with a runaway cheerleader but it does not work. Borbola tries to convince him to travel back in time and kill Jesus thus providing him a way to rule the universe but this also fails. Soon the home of the satanic cult has 50 messiahs living there and they were recruited to become members of the cult by Mantus, their very bad natured leader. Pox realizes that he must learn how to be on his own and stand up to Mantus and other bullies.

Pox was in bad need of a spa so that he can get his toenails cut and if that does not sound like a ridiculous premise for a movie then I do not know what else does. He knows that his time as the anti-Christ is coming to an end just as his TV show did. He does not know what to do aside from getting his pedicure because in that he finds comfort.

This is a sacrilegious comedy that is the ultimate in bad taste. I am surely no prude but I just do not understand this movie as it tries to answer the question of what the anti-Christ would do if he actually lived in the present day world. Of course everyone knows that the answer is that he would have a talk show like everyone else who is anybody. However, he did not expect Borbola to ruin it for him. A few fans stayed with him even after he was off of the air but when he is kidnapped by Satan’s followers, everything changes. There are some wonderful lines here but I am not fond of making fun of religion so that colored the way I saw the film I am sure that there will be those that will sing its praises but I am not one of them.

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