“YOU CAN’T CURRY LOVE”— Watching Love Blossom

You Can’t Curry Love

Watching Love Blossom

Amos Lassen

In just 23 minutes Reid Waterer shows us the blossoming of love in this wonderful little romantic comedy. Vikas (Ashwin Gore) is an Australian-born Indian living in London and is in love with his straight boss, Thom (G. Russell Thomas) who seems to make subliminal advances but hides behind the expectations of straight society. He sends Vikas to India for work and there he meets Sunil (Rakshak Sahni), the desk clerk at his hotel. Sunil takes Vikas out to see the sights and his business trip soon becomes a romance and when the time to return to London comes near, he must decide whether to go home or stay where his heart is— to be with his closeted boss or to stay with Sunil. It is amazing how many themes we find here in such a short film— the Indian caste system, trans men, responsibility and gay visibility. The film is a delight from start to finish and the ending will put a huge smile on your face as the cast does a traditional Bollywood dance.


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