“Stripped: The Story of Gay Comics” by Markus Pfalzgraf— Everything You Could Possibly Want

Pfalzgraf, Markus. “Stripped: The Story of Gay Comics”, Bruno Gmunder, 2012.

Everything You Could Possibly Want

Amos Lassen

Just in case you have not noticed, gay comics and graphic novels have become very popular lately (not they were not before but it does seem that we have lot of them and this is the second book published within three months about them). What I think is unique about gay comics is that they dare to go where others don’t and nothing is sacred. This collection has everything and includes selections from Ralf Konig whose specialty is humor to Tom Bouden and his twinks to Mioki who illustrates love. This collection is gorgeous and also contains some of the wonderfully twisted comics that we have come to love. Imagination is everywhere and this is the perfect addition not only to the collector but to the canon of gay literature. And since it is from Bruno Gmunder, you know it is bold.


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