“Why I Can’t Vote For Romney” from the blog “Wisdom of a Jewish Dad”

Why I Can’t Vote For Romney

Posted: 03 Sep 2012 08:20 AM PDT

I have no doubt that Mitt Romney would be better for the economy than Barack Obama.  Romney is an experienced corporate executive, Obama a career politician.  Romney is in favor of lower taxes and less regulation, Obama the opposite.  Romney understands that economic growth comes from successful businesses and entrepreneurs.  Obama, with his endless rhetoric about “fat cat bankers”, “millionaires and billionaires” and “the 1%”, seems to have channeled the spirit of Oscar Wilde, who quipped that “behind every great fortune is an enormous crime.”
And yet, even though I know Romney is good for business, he doesn’t have my vote, because of his opposition to marriage equality.  Republicans claim to uphold the institution of marriage, but Romney doesn’t believe my son should be allowed to marry.  Republicans say they believe in family values, but Romney doesn’t want my son to have a family of his own.  Republicans claim to uphold the Constitution, which guarantees everyone the “pursuit of happiness” but Romney doesn’t want my son to be able to pursue his happiness.  Republicans claim to support the traditional values our country is founded upon, including the separation of church and state, but Romney wants to allow a bigoted and contemptible religious point of derail equal rights under the law for gays. Republicans assert they are the party that stands for personal freedom and liberty, but Romney wants to deny my son his freedom and liberty.
Romney wants to be Commander-In-Chief, but lacks the courage to declare that his presidency will not draw its strength from the oppression of millions of gay Americans, and tens of millions, if not even hundreds of millions of their loved ones.  Given a clear choice between good and evil, Romney has said, “I’ll take evil, thanks.”
Smart Republicans with basic human decency embraced marriage equality years ago.  Groups like the Log Cabin Republicans rationalize their sleeping with the enemy by stating this is a demographic issue.  Younger members of the party, we are told, are either in favor of marriage equality or neutral on the issue, so Republican support for marriage equality at the national level is regarded as inevitable as a generational shift in leadership eventually takes place.  We’ve made good progress in ending most religiously-inspired persecution. Yes, gays still haven’t inherited their birthright, the right to complete participation in every freedom of American society, but what’s the rush, the gay Republican movement seems to be saying?
                But Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his “I Have a Dream Speech” spoke of “the urgency of now.”  And Rabbi Akiva, over two thousand years ago, in speaking of the need to act morally towards one’s fellow man, said “if not now, when?”
                I don’t like higher taxes and I wish Obama would crack open an Economics textbook, or even better, anything written by Milton Friedman. Free market capitalism, to borrow from Churchill, is the worst economic system ever invented, except for all the others.
But I cannot cast my ballot for someone who wants to tell my children that only the heterosexual ones can marry and have families of their own, but hey, two out of three ain’t bad. I wish Romney would experience the same type of enlightenment as the Mormon Church itself in 1978, when a “revelation” was received that the historic policy of excluding black men from ordination should be reversed. If Romney’s own church leadership can undo a morally repugnant policy over thirty years ago, why can’t he do the same today?  But if he can’t, then the choice between the two candidates is no choice at all.

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