Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings”


Amos Lassen

 From the Philippines comes a new film that will have you scratching your head. When an evil, vengeful drag queen turns the very handsome Remington into a gay male because of a curse, a serial killer begins to stalk the gay community with his homemade laser.It is up to Remington to break the curse before he is killed himself but things get even more complicated when an army of flesh eating drag queen zombies are let lose. And this is just the beginning of one of the campiest and most outrageous film you will ever have the chance to see. I have not yet been able to find a release date but I will keep you posted and as soon as I do. This is a film that you do not want to miss with a premise so bad that it has to be a fun time.

Jade Castro directs the story of Remington who has found his first love with Hannah, his new neighbor but she doesn’t feel the same about him. But then Remington starts to say nice things to her mother and dresses a bit more “cool” and she begins to get new ideas. However, she thinks, that something strange is going on that he seems to have no control of. When Remington was younger, he insulted a drag queen in a cemetery and because of that a spell was cast on him and it was that one day he would become gay. Suddenly gay men began turning up dead and covered with some green goo. Remington will suffer the same fate if he is not able to exorcise the curse. There is also a group of Zombadings—fabulous zombies. Using satire is a tool the film takes on homophobia and the genre of zombie horror film while also giving us a poignant film about friendship and family.

Obviously this is not a film for everyone but it is well done especially when we consider that it was made in a country that is totally against freedom for gay people.

I laughed all the way through and the characters are wonderful. Looking at strong subjects—murder and rights, it is a film about humanity and uses a unique perspective to tell its story. I like that you think, at first, that you are watching a horror movie but there is so much more here including romance and humor and it takes on an important subject in a tongue-in-cheek way. There is so much more to the film than homosexual undead and slapstick and it delivers a. subversive message “that sadly and unfairly may not be universally accepted in the most universal of ways”.

 Set in a provincial town just like any other in the Philippines, the filmfollows the story of Remington (Martin Escudero), the stereotypical macho boy next door who engages in manual labor during the day and drinks at night. He was cursed to turn gay when he was a little boy by a gay man (Roderick Paulate) who he angered because of his incessant insensitive teasing, Remington slowly but very surely turns gay, first with his gestures, then his language, then his sexual preference, leaving him in the middle of a love triangle involving his best friend Jigs (Kerbie Zamora) and girl-next-door Hannah (Lauren Young). While Remington is transforming, his mother (Janice De Belen), a police officer, is solving the case of uncovering who is responsible for the murders of the gay men in town.

 Despite the having a story where crazy-looking gaydars, rollerblading widows, vengeful drag queens, homophobic serial killers and the titular gay zombies miraculously cohere, the filmis actually very intelligently and carefully conceived and crafted. Castro directs the film like a maverick conductor, leading an orchestra composed of traditionally jarring instruments but eventually coming up with a symphony that is not so hard to enjoy and adore”.

The film is great fun and it can be watched on the very bare level as a horror/comedy but watching it on a higher level shows us that it is about empowerment, the right to choose and it lashes out at intolerance. We see that freedom is precious and should not be taken lightly or literally and that perceptions last for a long, long time.

 I understand thatin the short span of time since its theatrical release Zombadings has garnered a significant cult following and while it isn’t perfect, the movie is a real joy to watch. “It treads the fine line between offensive and subversive, realistic and caricature and does it while still never forgetting to have a sense of humor”. This is a film that hits hard and it is completely over the top and it is wonderful. “Imagine a horde of decked out zombies in drag tearing through a village festival, and you’re on the right track. “Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings” is low budget, campy, and outlandish. There’s murder, mayhem, cross-dressing, and a surprisingly gooey emotional center”.





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