“Intimacies: Michael Kearns”

Remembering Kearns

Amos Lassen

Michael Kearns was a gay actor, playwright and AIDS activist whose career took a downward spiral when he announced that he was HIV-positive. He had appeared in “Cheers”, “Murder She Wrote” and “The Waltons” just to name a few. Using just a red sash as a prop, Kearns performed a six character play, “Intimacies” in which he played all six characters (A Hollywood accountant, a Black hooker, a confused Flamenco dancer, etc) and the show was controversial and very explicit.

David Hoffman, renowned documentary maker, preserved the show for us and we get a look at a man fighting for his life in a very open way. We need to be reminded of all AIDS affected our lives and watching Kearns performance reminds us all too well of what was lost. While this is not the best film on AID, it is an important one. AIDS was our Holocaust and it is heroes like Kearns have done so much so that we may have the freedoms that we do today. In “Intimacies” Kearns dares audiences to come closer to the truth of what it is like to live being HIV+ and also gay.



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