“HEAVY GIRLS”— Sven and His Mother and Daniel

Heavy Girls” (“Dicke Madchen”)

Sven and His Mother and Daniel

Amos Lassen

Sven and his mother Edeltraut live together and she suffers from dementia. Yet they share their lives and their bed. When Sven goes to work at the bank during the day, Daniel, a straight family man, watches Edeltraut. He takes her to get her hair done, shopping or just go out for a walk. One day, his mother locks Sven out on the balcony and goes out for a walk by herself. Daniel and Sven desperately look for her and they not only find her but each other and their lives become confused.

This is a new kind of offbeat comedy that makes you think as you laugh. When Daniel’s wife throws him out of the house, he crashes with Sven and this is the beginning of their coming together.

Even though Edeltraut suffers from Alzheimer’s, her life is full and she has a chance to have fun. Sven (Heiko Pinkowski), her son and Daniel (Peter Trabner), her caretaker watch over her. Sven and his mother look at life as a spontaneous happening and sometimes as a game. They depend upon each other yet at times their relationship seems to be symbiotic. When mother decides to go on a walk by herself, we see that Sven has a romantic interest in Daniel. As things begin to become heated between Sven and Daniel, the two men begin to see each other as an escape from the world that they live in.

As the two men become closer, Daniel’s son starts to turn up unexpectedly and he is the embodiment of Daniel’s heavy conscience and an obstacle to the possibility, for Daniel, of truly escaping his life. It is hard not to like everything about this movie from the acting to the music to the script. There are twists and turns yet the film remains intimate and I love that it pushes the envelope.




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