“Sacrificed” by J.P. Barnaby— Goodbye Brian and Jaime

Barnaby, J.P. “Little Boy Lost: Sacrificed”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Goodbye Brian and Jaime

Amos Lassen

I am writing this review with mixed emotions. Having finished book six of J.P. Barnaby’s “Little Boy Lost” series, I am sad that the wonderful reading experience is over and I am glad that it ended so beautifully. Reading the series made me a confirmed Barnaby fan and I have loved each and every one of the six books and I have loved meeting the writer through them.

In “Sacrificed”, Jamie has been reunited with his father and is putting his life in order even though he terribly misses the person he loves most in the world, Brian. He works hard at dealing with the loss and he relies on his friends until he is able to do for himself. He recovers from his addiction and starts college, hoping to become the man Brian wants and needs him to be. But Jamie knows that he has to earn Brian’s forgiveness and gain his trust again.

Barnaby has created real characters and we, as readers, become part of their lives as their lives become part of ours. Through the six books we have been on an emotional journey and we now find that it ends on a rewarding note. “Sacrificed” begins with Jamie’s father finding him and Jamie entering rehab. Brian is not around for the first half of the book but he does come back to Jamie and we get a happy ending. (I hope you do not regard that as a spoiler—I kind of think that after six books, we could anticipate a happy ending).

We are witness to Jamie’s growth and maturation as well as his self-acceptance. Just that alone would make this and the entire series wonderful but there is so much more.

I have really enjoyed this series and as I read I laughed, cried, became angry, felt lost and so on. In fact there were times that I felt I was one of the characters. I love the way the series ended yet the feeling is somewhat bittersweet. Even though I know the story is over, I keep hoping that there is a little hole somewhere that would bring about a sequel.

I realize I have not said a lot about what happens in book six but I have not really taken the time to think it over because I just wanted to sit back and let it all sink in. Maybe one day, I will do another review but that might take some time.




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