“THE BOY NEXT DOOR”— Friendship

“The Boy Next Door”
Amos Lassen

When Mark, a 25 year old hustler accidentally meets the young son of one of his clients, a friendship develops. The youngster tells Mark that he is looking for his father and this surprises Mark who wants nothing to do with the kid. It seems that both guys were to meet the same man at the same time and at the same place. Then Mark realizes that this accidental meeting may really be a good thing.
Gregor Schmidinger who brought us the wonderful short documentary “Homophobia” also directed this and the character he created with Mark as a hustler who suffers from anxiety attacks is certainly interesting. What we see here when the two meet is how friendship grows and then how these guys deal with their personal devils.
We learn of a father who cares more about himself than his son and we see that he definitely prefers the hustler over family. On the other hand, we have a short film with a great deal of heart as we watch this new friendship develop. It certainly gave me a lot to think about.