“I AM WOMAN NOW”— The Older Woman

I Am a Woman Now”

The Older Woman

Amos Lassen

If ageism is a problem in the gay community and we know that it is, we can just imagine how it affects members of the trans community. Director Michiel van Erp takes a look at a group of trans women who are in their seventies. April, Colette, Jean, Marie-Pierre and Corrine had their sexual reassignment surgeries some fifty years ago and they talk about their lives in some really wonderful places. The women are charming and witty and what we see here is a new perspective on the way trans people live. This group is, from what I understand, the first generation of transsexuals who during the 1950’s and ‘60’s underwent surgery in Casablanca (and remember that Morocco is a Muslim country). They all went to the same doctor and now look back at their lives. You can imagine some of the questions that people have and you will learn whether they feel like complete woman and whether they feel like they hopes and dreams have been fulfilled.

What is interesting here is the talk about their doctor who they refer to as “miracle man”. Georges Burou asked no questions and there were no preconditions. What was important was the ability to pay for the operations. We see the women long after their dreams came into being and what happens during that period between the realizations of who they are to the reality of how they live.