“Faun” by Trebor Healy— An Urban Fantasy About Lust and Faith

Healy, Trebor. “Faun”, Lethe Press, 2012.

An Urban Fantasy About Lust and Faith

Amos Lassen

I received word yesterday that Trebor Healy’s new book “Faun” will be released in September and I just wanted to let you know about it. Here is the description released by Lethe Press.

One morning Gilberto Rubio wakes up with a five o’clock shadow. Puberty. But why are his legs getting so furry? And what are these little horn nubs pushing out of his scalp? What’s that nub of a tail that’s making it so hard to sit on anything but couches?

His peers begin to treat him like a freak, while his anxious mother Lupita crosses herself and worries about his eternal soul and what might be happening to it. When his mere presence begins to stir the hormones of anyone nearby and the pregnancy rate suddenly skyrockets at Buenaventura High, Gilberto panics and, hopping aboard his trusty skateboard, vanishes into Hollywood before hitchhiking out of Los Angeles to find the mysterious stranger he met online, who just might have some answers.

So begins an urban fantasy, a new fairy tale about lust and faith, Los Angeles and devotion, as only award-winning author Trebor Healey can evoke, in the pages of Faun”.