“DOORMAN”— Accepting Self


Accepting Self

Amos Lassen

Diego (Jamil Mena) is a doorman at a New York apartment building and his life is falling apart. Then he is seduced by a rich college boy (and then dumped by him) who lives in his building.

Let’s face it—a doorman has a boring job and director Etienne Kalios shows us this. Diego is infatuated with one of the tenants in the building where he works and when he gets the chance to act on that feeling, he jumps at it. There had been a great deal of erotic tension between the student and the doorman. Diego has been living in the closet and struggling with his sexuality while our college boy has been very sexually active. When he finally has the chance to act, he does so with a guy who had no intention of anything more than a onetime encounter. Now he has to face the reality of who he really is but discovers that he was “used” as nothing more than a pastime. We see his feelings and Mena plays the part beautifully with wonderful facial expressions. As we are with him on his journey of self-acceptance, we feel what he feels and that is a very hard thing for a director to convey in a short film. Yet the movie succeeds and we can only hope that there are more films coming from him.