“SuburbaNights (Vignettes from Jasper Lane #3)” by Eric Arvin— Once Again to Jasper Lane

Arvin, Eric. “SuburbaNights (Vignettes from Jasper Lane #3)”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Once Again to Jasper Lane

Amos Lassen

Eric Arvin brings us his third book in his Jasper Lane series and our wonderful cast of characters is back again to entertain us some more. It is Halloween and Cassie Bloom is getting ready while Becky expects a child as her father becomes even more overpowering. Our gay couple, Rick and James, is doing fine aside from James having discovered porn and becoming obsessed with it. A new drag cheerleading squad is being together by Terrence and, with the help of David; Cliff is in transition from porn star to bodybuilder. But there is also a lot more going on as we discover while reading Arvin’s new book. Personally, I love Eric Arvin’s writing and I have been reviewing him since his first book, “The Rest is Illusion”, came out about six years ago and I have watched his writing mature. He builds wonderful and unforgettable characters that become our friends and his plots are witty and wonderful.

Now a new family has moved to Jasper Lane and they are regarded as “odd” by the residents already there. There is consternation about the big cross that they erected on their front lawn. Then Cassie’s son, Jason, disappears and Nanna Hench now rides around on a scooter. Then Cliff also disappears and the neighborhood is put on alert. Everyone goes out looking for him. Before we know it, David is also missing while Cassie and Melinda have set out on a road trip to find Jason? Confused? Don’t be—nothing here is any more confusing than any episode on “As the Stomach Turns”.

Jasper Lane is out of control and the characters all seem to have lost their directions in life (if they ever had them) and Arvin works magic into his story. You would think that with such a large cast of characters, things would become confusing but the opposite is quite true. Combining frivolity with anger, insecurity and questions, we go on yet another outing with our friends to Jasper Lane.

The only problem I have is knowing that I will have to wait a while until Arvin pens another book. Arvin has become quite prolific and I always enjoy reading his work. I think you will as well.