“Love in the Loire” by David Leddick— The Return of Hugo

Leddick, David. “Love in the Loire”, White Lake Press, 2011.

The Return of Hugo

Amos Lassen

“Love in the Loire” is something of a sequel to two books that David Leddick wrote in the past, “My Worst Date” an “Never Eat In” but you do not have to have read either of these books to enjoy this new one. Hugo Bianchi, as a teen from Miami Beach has had a love affair with her mother’s boyfriend. Now he is older and wiser—he in his early twenties and we meet him at a summer theater in the Loire area of France. He meets Heather and Graham who have come to France to leave their sordid pasts behind.

The village of Cornichons is the setting and it is a place for Broadway stars to mix with the locals and the want-to-bes. As we can expect, Hugo is in high demand and is pursued as he gets a chance to both find love and a theater career. Leddick is a clever writer and he knows his theater (and romance and sex). This is a fun read with unforgettable characters and written in clear, precise and witty prose.