“LEECHES!”— Mean Little Suckers


Mean Little Suckers

Amos Lassen


David DeCoteau makes films that whet the appetite with his homoeroticism but “Leeches” is a departure from what he usually does. The college swim team is on its way to some big wins with some help from steroids. Things change quickly when leeches from a nearby swimming hole begin to feed off of the swimmers and a big problem takes place on the college campus.

The swim is all-male and the members are on steroids and DeCoteau capitalizes on the beautiful bodies on display. The acting is mediocre at best but who cares when there is so much eye-candy (and in Speedos). There were some great homoerotic chances here but they were overlooked for the sake of horror. There is no male nudity and in that DeCoteau is a teaser but it is one of rules and trademarks.

This is the 10th Anniversary release of “Leeches!” which is the director’s first “creature feature” and we can more or less figure out where this movie is going. Since we know that, we must decide if it is worth staying around for the trip. It is your call.