“SOMETHING REAL”— “To All of Us Who Are Still Looking”

“Something Real”

“To All of Us Who Are Still Looking”

Amos Lassen

Last night I heard about a new short film by Guy Shalem, “Something Real” and I was determined to see it, Since I am going to be able to get to Outfest this year where it is premiering, I took a chance and wrote to Shalem who graciously gave me an opportunity to watch it on-line and let me tell you that it blew me away.  Set in a gay bar in West Hollywood this a musical short that is loaded with celebrities.

We have all been there—a relationship ends and a new search begins. Here we see a young good-looking guy who has left his lover and enters a gay bar filled with “lost souls” looking for “something real”. Faces and more faces, bodies and more bodies appear on the screen as music blasts and our boy searches. I remember all too well how it is to enter a gay bar alone and act like it is the easiest thing in the world to be there. As we watch the faces of men whose eyes are filled with hope—hope of finding Mr. Right—we are take back to the times we have done the same thing. Using the words of the synopsis, the film is “an unflinching and poignant assessment of gay culture in the year 2012, this comedic, ultimately romantic film reaffirms our never-ending hope that the right guy is out there”.

Directed by Shalem, the music is by Tony award-winning composer and lyricist Jeff Marx (Avenue Q) and 5-time Grammy-award winning producer, composer, and lyricist, Mervyn Warren.

The film stars (in alphabetical order) Adam Friedman, Bruce Vilanch, David Devora, Dennis Johnson, Drew Droege, Jack Plotnick, Jacob Demonte-Finn, Jeffery Self, Jesse James Rice, Jonny McGovern, Joel Michaely, Jordan Black, Lucas Bane, Maile Flanagan, Micah McCain, Mike Rose, Miss Coco Peru, Patrick McDonald, Rex Lee, Roy Jenkins, Sam Pancake, Tony Tripoli, Vincent De Paul.

Make sure you put “Something Real” on your list of must-see movies. It is a film you are not likely to forget and one that I simply describe as a true feel-good experience.


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