“Bareback: A Werewolf’s Tale” by Joshua Skye— A New Kind of Werewolf

Skye, Joshua. “Bareback: A Werewolf’s Tale”, Fanny Press, 2012.

A New Kind of Werewolf

Amos Lassen

Alex is a young gay man living in conservative Wren, Pennsylvania, is a town that really has nothing for him. Wren is like one of those southern towns where “ain’t no homosexuals there”. In fact there are really no minorities in Wren. Then Morgan enters Alex’s life, he becomes part of an affectionate couple and before long they become involved in a passionate affair. Unfortunately their sexual activities were not what we consider safe.

Just about the same time, something very strange began happening in Wren. Citizens became victims to a wild animal that has found its way into town having come from the surrounding mountainside. Alex and Morgan spent a wild weekend of orgiastic enjoyment and just as quickly as the two men fell in love did Morgan suddenly disappear. Alex immediately began to ail and he convinced himself that Morgan had passed on some kind of venereal disease to him. As he became sicker, Morgan surprisingly returned and Alex understands that it was indeed Morgan who had infected him. However he was not suffering from what he thought— Morgan had made him into a werewolf.

Skye writes with wonderful description and while this is paranormal fiction, there is no reason why something like this can happen (and by that I mean using the werewolf as a metaphor). The language here is quite bold and the writing is indeed excellent. Now that we are once again in the vampire cycle, this is a book that many will find interesting.


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