“Straight Jock Pussy” by Christopher Trevor— AHEM!!!

Trevor, Christopher. “Straight Jock Pussy”, Seventh Window Publications, 2012.


Amos Lassen

Ok, so you are wondering what that ahem is all about. Quite simply it means that with a title like “Straight Jock Pussy”, there is not much more I can say… or is there? I must admit that the title did put me off and this is not exactly the kind of book you would leave out on the coffee table when you are expecting company. However, beneath that sordid title is a really good and well written story (that deserves a better title). I figure if you see this on the shelf in Barnes and Noble, you will peruse it because the title catches your attention but then again you are too embarrassed to take it to the cashier to check out of the store. And that is where you miss out on a really fine reading experience.

Travis O’Toole is an all American jock with all American good looks and a really fine body. There is a ruggedness about him that many swoon over and cause men to be green with envy. He is young– in his early-twenties and he is matriculating in a fine prestigious university. He is on the threshold of life and seems to have everything.

Spike is a skinhead with no direction in life. He spends all of his time figuring out how to do nothing. He has no respect for the lives of others and as far as he is concerned, the world can just fall apart and he wouldn’t care. People shy away from him and he is the antithesis of Travis. The two men meet and believe it or not, they fall “in lust”. Spike brings to Travis all that he suppresses and Travis reciprocates by showing his love and giving up his body. Spike likewise falls for Travis and the two men begin an affair of great passion. The two do not understand what is happening to them but they cannot fight it and know that they cannot live without it.

This is a story with a BDSM theme but it has something extra—romance. It does more than tell a story—it explores the human psyche in a way that is deep and fascinating and in wonderfully written prose. It is, perhaps, one of the rawest books I have ever read and I read a great deal. The novel approach of two characters that do not see themselves as gay falling in love with each other is new and fresh. What we get is not just a BDSM romance but a story of two men whose sexuality is confusing to each. The sex is graphic and very erotic and there are sections that are pure deviance. However, to balance that, we are introduced to the emotions of Travis and Spike and are taken into their heads as each not only tries to deal with the other but also with himself. I understand that there are too be more “straight jock pussy” books and I can’t wait. I have begun saving paper bags to make covers so I can read while traveling on public transportation.


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