“Stripped Down: Lesbian Sex Stories” edited by Tristan Taormino— Lesbian Erotica

Taormino, Tristan, (Editor). “Stripped Down: Lesbian Sex Stories”, Cleis Press, 2012.

Lesbian Erotica

Amos Lassen

So I am not a lesbian and I really am not much of an erotica reader but I must say that I really enjoy reading Tristan Taormino because I never know what to expect. I always think of her like a magician who sticks her hand in a hat and pulls out something different every time. In this new collection of lesbian erotica she does not have a story yet we can certainly feel her presence as the editor. Twenty-six stories are here and they are all totally different. Some of the writers include Catherine Lundoff, Sinclair Sexsmith, Tara Alton, Radclyffe, ViolyntFemme and Peggy Munson. Because of the abundance of sex here I really cannot go into summaries of the stories but I can tell you that there are farm girls, a vigilante and undercover police just to mention three themes. Like the titles, the stories strip down to the erotic and believe it or not, we learn about our own erotic selves by reading these stories.


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