“Sold!” by Etienne— Finding Home

Etienne. “Sold!”, Smashwords, 2012.

Finding Home

Amos Lassen

There is never question about the quality of Etienne’s writing. He pleases over and over again. Now, for a change of pace, we go to Africa and meet Winston Martsoff, a young and new college graduate who is captured by slavers and becomes a sex slave of a sheik. As he sits in captivity, all he can do is dream of freedom. His boyfriend Clancey stays on his mind and Winston wonders if he will still want him when and if he is freed.

Etienne takes us into Winston’s mind as he tries to understand what is happening to him and when the chance to escape appears, he jumps at it. During a surprise storm, the sailboat upon which he was held is damaged and Winston escapes and is overjoyed that Clancey still wants him. This is certainly a different kind of love story with the idea that love conquers all. With all of the horrible things that have been done to Winston, Clancey is not ready to give him up and when they age back together, they want those responsible for what happened to Winston to be punished.

Etienne is a master story teller and this story shows us that he can write in whichever genre he chooses. And he writes with wonderful description and well drawn characters. This is probably the most erotic piece that he has written for publication yet his eroticism adds to the plot—let’s face, gay men love stories of capture and forced sex and I love stories that are well written and reflect the intelligence of the writer.

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